Monday, October 31, 2005

Answering to the sidewalker's question

Thank you for the comment!!

Well, I think those companies which building their plants overseas are not the point this time, because they are making great efforts to those countries. For example, in Cambodia, almost all of the cars running in the city are Toyota! I went to Cambodia this summer and saw it with my own eyes. Those cars are so famous for the quality. The streets in Cambodia are in bad condition but they have tough engine and body so that there is no problem for it. Also, Phillipine has the same situation.

I think we have to solve this issue fundamentally; the level of living-standard. Each developing country's government should make some kind of provision for making the living-standard higher somehow, and make them more opportunities to work. And also tourists would help for this point. Tourists are rich for most of the countries, and spend lots of money so the ebb and flow of the tourists effects the economy. So at this point, I guess I have the same opnion with you.

I am not sure that I responded to you clearly but so far this is my opinion. I should think about more of this current issue.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Akibakei is the recent trend in Japan those who gather at Akihabara. They are so addicted to the maniac animations which to most of the others hard to understand. They mostly collect figures, attend to the dubber's events. Maid cafes also became so popular. And also the word was made, called "MOE´Ż×". This word is uesd when you found something or someone cute which makes you feel so into it.

Mostly people think that Akibakei is the minority in Japan, but thinking from another point of view, I think we can't look down on them that easily.

To say Akibakei in other words, it is called "Otaku". In Japan, Otaku is thought as something negative, but in the US, it is thought as something positive. One of the main reasons why Japanese animation is high qualified. For example, GIBBLY animation directed by Hayao Miyazaki got a high evaluation and became so popular. GUNDAM, DORAEMON, POKEMON, AKIRA, etc. are so popular to the kids in the US. Also the directors of the movie "MATRIX" refered some ideas from the Japanese animation, called "KOUKAKU KIDOUTAI".

So, for Americans, Otaku, in other words Akibakei, is not something negative. Those who are called Akibakei might be diversed now in Japan, but in the future, they might become the pioneer of making new subcultural communication with outer countries.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Ainu is the group which lived in the north part in Japan such as Hokkaido. They were the former inhabitant in that field, and had their own life-style and language. But in history, they weren't treated as native Japanese, but as foreigners instead. That's because they had their own language and culture. The most famous battle in history is "the Battle of Shakushainn", in 1669. Shakushainn was the leader of Ainus, and he head all the Ainus to protect their field from the Matumae Clan. But as a result, Ainus were defeated, and Shakushainn got murdered.

Nowadays, the descendents of Ainus are still living in Hokkaido but the number is very little. I think most of the Japanese don't know specifically where they live, or who's blood is inherited. Once I went to Hokkaido, there was the memorial house of Ainu. It exhibits lots of tools they've used, and also shows the history and the way they've lived. I thought it was so nice to know about it, and thought must not forget they are certainly the same race as us!!

however, to be honest, thinking like I said at the last sentence might mean that I'm already feeling some kind of diversity to them......

Thursday, October 20, 2005


It is getting less but there are people who are still called BURAKU. BURAKU people are discriminated as low status. their ancesters in Edo era were the people who treated as livestocks which were called "Eta" "Hinin". They couldn't get normal jobs as others. And nowadays, those who inherited the blood are still discriminated, especially women. Some old-fashioned people think that BURAKU women are low level so they don't want to let them marry with those women. It is getting less but those discrimination still exists.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Diversity in Japan

one of the diversity in Japan is FOREIGNER ISSUE. Foreigners are still not treated equally as Japanese. There are lots of sexual, social problems, and also discriminations. This issue is so difficult to solve, or it can't be solved!! There are lots of Phillipino pubs in Japan, and some of those who work there are illegal immigrants. They know that it is illegal, but they have to work in Japan because they are so poor to live in their home country.

This situation is not only Japan's issue but also issue for the home country of those who came from. the ecnomic level of those countries won't change, it doesn't make sense even if we try to do something only in Japan. We need to work out from both sides.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

comments for the animation

We saw the animation in this ENGLISH SEMINAR class. It was a animation which squared-shaped and round-shaped characters battle for some reason, and squared-ones won as a result. they don 't have certain words but they utter some kind of shapes made of words. they attack using those shapes. in the end, the round-ones became the squared-ones, and the shapes which was uttered rebounded instead of getting damaged. I think it is hard to understand from my explanation but this animation was so tough to understand, forgive me... Round-ones just have single aspect, but squared-ones have several aspects, so they can rebound those uttered shapes to many different directions. In my own opinion, I think this animation want's to tell us to become like the squared- shaped character so you could become a person who has many ways of thinking. It's so hard to express what I wanted to say....


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