Wednesday, October 05, 2005

comments for the animation

We saw the animation in this ENGLISH SEMINAR class. It was a animation which squared-shaped and round-shaped characters battle for some reason, and squared-ones won as a result. they don 't have certain words but they utter some kind of shapes made of words. they attack using those shapes. in the end, the round-ones became the squared-ones, and the shapes which was uttered rebounded instead of getting damaged. I think it is hard to understand from my explanation but this animation was so tough to understand, forgive me... Round-ones just have single aspect, but squared-ones have several aspects, so they can rebound those uttered shapes to many different directions. In my own opinion, I think this animation want's to tell us to become like the squared- shaped character so you could become a person who has many ways of thinking. It's so hard to express what I wanted to say....


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