Sunday, October 23, 2005


Akibakei is the recent trend in Japan those who gather at Akihabara. They are so addicted to the maniac animations which to most of the others hard to understand. They mostly collect figures, attend to the dubber's events. Maid cafes also became so popular. And also the word was made, called "MOE´Ż×". This word is uesd when you found something or someone cute which makes you feel so into it.

Mostly people think that Akibakei is the minority in Japan, but thinking from another point of view, I think we can't look down on them that easily.

To say Akibakei in other words, it is called "Otaku". In Japan, Otaku is thought as something negative, but in the US, it is thought as something positive. One of the main reasons why Japanese animation is high qualified. For example, GIBBLY animation directed by Hayao Miyazaki got a high evaluation and became so popular. GUNDAM, DORAEMON, POKEMON, AKIRA, etc. are so popular to the kids in the US. Also the directors of the movie "MATRIX" refered some ideas from the Japanese animation, called "KOUKAKU KIDOUTAI".

So, for Americans, Otaku, in other words Akibakei, is not something negative. Those who are called Akibakei might be diversed now in Japan, but in the future, they might become the pioneer of making new subcultural communication with outer countries.


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