Sunday, January 15, 2006

Barrier free

Let’s think about one situation.

You saw one person stand by the cross road waiting for the traffic to change. He, or she, looks blind. What will you do??

Most people might just pass through the person. Those people might think that “It’s not my business.” or “Someone might help him or her.” or “those who are blind is used to that situation.” But, think. Can you walk with your eyes completely shut? Can you imagine the world of darkness? Well, it’s difficult. It’s unnatural for us so we can’t get used to it.

However, that doesn’t mean it is natural for blind people. They have same fear as us. They are always next to fear and danger in darkness world.

Last year, I attended to the seminar which theme was about “How to help blind people when you saw them outside.” In that seminar, the leader of the organization told us that most of blind people are hoping to be helped by other people. Yes, some of them might feel “don’t care of us”. But, they won’t feel that bad at least, the leader said. Basically, they want to have conversation with others.

In this society, we don’t have enough situations for those who have handicaps to live in. Barrier free is kind of like a trend nowadays but those are mainly said for facilities or technologies. We are not doing enough barrier free of “human communication”!


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