Thursday, January 12, 2006

language 2

I’m doing a part time job at a restaurant. There are several foreigners working. Most of them are Chinese whose ages are 21-23. They came to Japan for studying. I talk to them very often while I’m working to make good communication. In recess time, they tell me several jokes in Japanese. Their Japanese is not that good but I can feel that they are trying to tell what they want to say as much as they can. Sometimes I can’t clearly understand what they said, but that doesn’t make any trouble for me. But one day, one of the Chinese colleagues complained to me,

“It doesn’t matter for daily conversation, but when it comes to working, it’s totally different. There are many times that I cannot understand what they are trying to tell me, also cannot express my feelings specifically. And after those times, sometimes I get so tired. Yes, I should study Japanese more, but sometimes I feel that if Japanese could speak English, it would be much easier to work.”

I think this is one of the specific examples of Japanese social system. When I heard this from him, I had a complicated feeling. We Japanese should become to use English, but on the other hand, it must have been known that JAPAN IS THE COUNTRY WHICH CANNOT USE ENGLISH NATURALLY. It must have been possible to predict that it is going to be tough working in Japan. Working in different countries, especially those where cannot use English, needs hard risk for foreigners.


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